Research and Writing

Jason  P. Theriot Consulting, LLC. offers historical research and writing  services for a wide variety of clients and purposes, such as litigation  support, personal and family memoirs, and company histories. The bulk  of our experience has been concentrated in the Gulf Coast region, with  an emphasis on energy, environment, and culture. For more than a decade,  Dr. Jason Theriot has participated in and/or completed independent and  sponsored research projects for universities, government agencies,  organizations, and private entities. 

Stakeholder Engagement

We blend academic training and research methods with local knowledge, communication skills, and public outreach to assess cultural heritage and socio-economic aspects of development projects and deliver value to clients and stakeholder group.


Dr. Jason Theriot conducts speaking engagements on a broad range of topics, including energy and environmental history of the Gulf Coast, World War II history, and Cajun-Acadian cultural heritage.