Interview for documentary film on Louisiana's Wetlands, Cypremort Point, LA, 2015

 "Cajuns of WWII" Interview at Shadows on the Teche, New Iberia, LA, 2007

"Cajuns of OSS" lecture with Brig. Gen. Robert Leblanc at the WWII Roundtable Group, Houma, LA, 2005 (Part 1)

"Cajuns of OSS" Part 2

"A Tribute to World War II Veterans" presentation for Iberia Cultural Resources event, New Iberia, LA, 2008

"Gulf of Mexico's First Offshore Oil Spills" presentation for the University of Houston Oil Spill Symposium, 2010

"Untold Stories of D-Day" lecture at the World War II Roundtable Group, Houma, LA, 2006

Radio interview from France, June 2004, for the 60th Anniversary of the Normandy D-Day Invasion

Interview on KLFY TV 10 Passe Partout 2004

Mae Theriot (age 11) interviews WW2 legend Gen. Robert Leblanc, 2019