Make History by Preserving It

Make History by Preserving It

Documenting and Presenting History with a Professional Historian

Based in Houston, TX, Jason P Theriot Consulting LLC specializes in historical research and writing services, focusing on energy, environment, business, and culture along the Gulf Coast. We work with a wide variety of clients for different purposes, including litigation support, personal and family memoirs, and company and organizational histories.


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Historical Research

At Jason P. Theriot Consulting, LLC, we offer the expert services of an independent, professional research historian for clients in need of archival research, legislative history research, government document retrieval and interpretation, and newspaper and genealogy record searches. We have a track record for producing top-quality organizational and company histories and digital history projects.

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Family Memoirs

Turn to Jason P. Theriot Consulting, LLC if you are looking for an accomplished author and experienced editor and oral historian to produce your family or personal memoir, either in traditional book format or as a digital history.

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Litigation Support

We provided litigation support services to law firms in need of an expert in archival research, government records retrieval, legislative history, and document analysis.

Testimonial from Clients

Porteus “P. R.” Burke, President, Vermilion Corporation

“When the Board of Directors at Vermilion Corporation inquired about hiring a professional historian to write a history of the company, one name consistently came up from referrals and that was Jason Theriot. Over the course of the two-year-long project, Dr. Theriot proved to be an eager and competent researcher, and his easy style of narrative writing made the final product very readable. He is a natural born historian who is well versed in the techniques necessary to retrieve both written and anecdotal evidence in order to compile an accurate history.”

Testimonial from Clients

Deborah Lattimore, owner, Technitype Transcripts

“As the owner of a transcription company specializing in oral history since 1982, I have worked for hundreds of oral historians. Over the years, I have transcribed several hundred interviews for Jason Theriot. He consistently upholds every attribute required to be an outstanding oral historian: commitment to the principles of scholarship, a deep respect for each interviewee, meticulous preparation, has an empathetic attitude, and asks creative and probing questions. Jason’s personality, with a wonderful Louisiana flavor, is such that he brings to each interview his unique ability to put interviewees at ease with his friendly tone and delightful sense of humor. He fulfills in every way his stated mission to make history by preserving it through oral history.”

Testimonial from Clients

Johnny Carter, Partner, Susman Godfrey L.L.P.

"I have worked with Jason for several years on litigation matters. Jason knows how to locate the the hard-to-find historical documents that can be the key to prosecuting or defending a case in court. He is responsive. He is discreet. And he knows his stuff. It is always a pleasure to work with Jason."

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