Historical Research Services

Your Trusted Historical Researcher

Welcome to Jason P Theriot Consulting, where we're dedicated to uncovering the past with precision and expertise. Our historical researchers offer unparalleled historical research services, delving deep into archives to unveil the hidden stories of yesteryears. Whether you're a scholar, writer, or enthusiast, we are committed to providing thorough and accurate insights into history. With meticulous attention to detail, we navigate through documents, artifacts, and records, illuminating the narratives that shape our world. Trust Jason P Theriot Consulting to be your guide through the annals of time as we bring the past to life with help from our experienced historical researchers.

We offer the expert services of an independent research historian for clients in need of archival and legislative research, document retrieval and interpretation, newspaper and genealogy records, and oral history interviews. We have a track record for producing top-quality organizational and company histories and digital history projects. Dr. Theriot has participated in and/or completed independent and sponsored research projects for universities, government agencies, organizations, private companies, and families. He understands that the keys to historical questions can often be found hidden in archives and government documents. Dr. Theriot is an experienced historical investigator, trained to dig deep and locate hard-to-find records, images, and maps.

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