Your Dependable Oil and Gas Historian

Jason P Theriot Consulting is your premier destination for comprehensive oil and gas historical research. Led by Jason P Theriot, an expert with a wealth of experience and a passion for delving into the annals of the industry. He offers unparalleled insights and expertise in oil and gas history, meeting the consulting needs of those interested in this field.

Services Offered

Jason conducts accurate, insightful, and meticulously researched historical analysis on his own.

Oil and Gas Historical Research

He invites you to explore the industry's rich history with comprehensive research services. Whether it’s unveiling forgotten drilling techniques or charting the progress of major figures, he provides deep insights into the industry’s development.

Consulting and Advisory

In need of historical context for a project or advice on preserving archival materials? His consulting and advisory services are customized to fit your specific requirements, leveraging his knowledge to guide decision-making and bolster your project’s integrity.

Educational Workshops

Jason also conducts educational workshops on the oil and gas industry's history. Aimed at professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike, these sessions offer an exceptional chance to enhance your knowledge of this crucial sector.

Get in Touch

Reach out to Jason P Theriot to discover more about his services as an oil and gas historian and how you can benefit from his historical insights.


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