Organizational/Company Histories

We’ll Write Your Company History

Jason P Theriot Consulting specializes in crafting compelling narratives that capture the essence of your organization's journey through time. As a corporate historian, we excel in delving into your company history and transforming it into a captivating story. Our meticulous approach involves gathering and synthesizing company records, conducting oral history interviews with key individuals, and delving into supplementary research materials such as newspaper archives and public records. We offer comprehensive services, including records management, digitization, and turn-key book production. Let Jason P Theriot Consulting help you preserve and celebrate your organizational history for generations.

Our professional team specializes in producing top quality sponsored histories for organizations and private companies. Some of these histories date back many decades and, in the case of family-owned firms, across multiple generations. Capturing the legacy of the founding and evolution of these organizations is important not only to the managers and leaders who have successfully run them, but also to the people and communities that have been a part of its story.

Elements of Sponsored Histories include:

  • Gathering and synthesis of agency/company records
  • Oral history interviews and transcripts with key people
  • Supplemental research in newspaper archives, special collections, public records
  • Records management for permanent archival retention
  • Digitization, preservation, and duplication of historical images, maps, and video
  • Complete turn-key book production and publication


A History of Vermilion Corporation

Great Game Paradise: A History of Vermilion Corporation is a story rich in south Louisiana flavor, and perhaps unique in American history, with regional, national, and even international connections all centered on the abundant natural resources—furs, petroleum, waterfowl, alligators, and fisheries—found and produced in this once untamed marshland. The stories told in this one-of-a-kind company history reveal the value of capturing the generational knowledge of the local people and managers who have lived, worked, and played in this coastal landscape that is gradually disappearing.

Great Game Paradise: A History of Vermilion Corporation