Genealogy brings to life family histories and ancestral origins. Dr. Theriot has spent two decades digging in local archives and libraries where most traditional genealogical records are housed. He is skilled at utilizing conventional research tools, such as microfilm and manuscript collections, in addition to modern online methods and databases for locating, collecting, and disseminating genealogical information for families. Take a look at his most recent Acadian Genealogical digital history project:


In Search for Acadian Settlements In Beaubassin

Take a journey with author and historian Jason Theriot as he explores the last known location of an Acadian village at the southern end of Beaubassin near Fort Beausejour. Years of research and British census maps, newly uncovered by a Canadian scholar, led Dr. Theriot on a long-awaiting pilgrimage to visit this last known Acadian settlement and to walk among his ancestors.

In Search for Acadian Settlements In Beaubassin

Watch the replay of Dr. Theriot’s presentation “Walking Among My Acadian Ancestors.”

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