Oral History Interviews

For 20 years, Dr. Theriot has been recording oral history interviews with people about their lives, military experiences, and careers. Capturing personal stories are key to writing and producing quality memoirs and organizational histories. We use the latest in digital recording technology (audio and video) and have the capability of transferring and restoring old analog tape recordings to digital. Dr. Theriot has two oral history archival collections. One is the Jason Theriot World War II Oral History Collection at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. The other collection of interviews related to the history of the oil and gas industry is housed at the University of Houston Special Collections. Examples of our Oral History Interview collections are below:


Oral History of the Port of Houston and Ship Channel

In 2006, historian Jason Theriot conducted a series of oral history interviews with individuals with a long history working at the Port of Houston and on the ship channel. They worked as port captains, ship pilots, commissioners, and longshoremen. They talk about working on Liberty Ships during WWII and how the petrochemical industry dramatically expanded in the post-war years. They talk about the challenges of growth, handling bigger ships, diversity of the maritime culture, changing attitudes toward improving water quality and the environment. These are the people who invented and perfected the art of the "Texas Chicken." Their knowledge of past events and experiences in the maritime industry provides a compelling narrative story about the history of this world-class port.

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